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We have a HUGE selection of weekly group training options for you to choose from. There is something in the program for everyone! From outdoor bootcamp, running & swimming sessions, to our indoor boxing, metafit, metapower, power and yoga sessions. Best of all - no booking is required! Just turn up and we will show you the ropes. For more info on the sessions we provide, check out our group timetable. We would love to see you there!



Bootcamp incorporates teamwork, games, challenges and "army style" sessions to keep things fun whilst getting a great workout. It consists predominantly of bodyweight exercises and is suitable for all fitness levels. People of all abilities get a workout!

The program is structured on a training cycle to ensure constant improvement and varied each and every session, to keep things fun, interactive, and prevent the body from getting stagnant.

And remember - being in natural sunlight, clean fresh air, and pleasant green surroundings, is beneficial to both our physical and mental health. Not to mention being involved with a friendly group of like minded people! Come and try!


Our fitness boxing sessions are a terrific workout for all levels of fitness and ability. Workout themes are constantly varied to achieve maximum results, and to keep your mind and body engaged, including; power combos, fast pad work, endurance sets, circuits, running/boxing combo sets. The focus is just on getting a great workout - so no boxing experience is necessary. Just turn up and we will show you the ropes!


Cardio sessions are a great mix of run intervals, combined with bodyweight exercises in a high repetition and continuous fashion.  A combination sure to get you sweating, burning fat and improving your aerobic and endurance conditioning.
These sessions are held outdoors to make the most of the fresh air and sunlight while we sweat up a storm!  Come along and try a session - you will leave feeling reenergized!


Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire!
HIIT will get you better results in a much shorter space of time. Not only that, but this style of training will raise your metabolism meaning that you will continue to burn calories long after the workout has finished. Raising your metabolism will improve your ability to burn fat.
Metafit classes last 30 minutes and uses bodyweight exercises which target the largest muscle groups in the body for greater effect, creating so much more muscle power therefore enhancing sporting performance and a great addition your own exercise regime to build strength power and agility!
There is no choreography so don't worry if you don't know your left from your right.  Every exercise has a regression or progression, meaning there is options for all fitness levels so everyone can participate in Metafit!! If you want to get great results for total health, cardiovascular system, strength and body shape, then this class is definitely for you.




MetaPWR (MetaPower) is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency.

MetaPWR develops strength and power not from 'traditional' gym strength training, but by carefully selecting equipment that will offer both resistance and explosive/ballistic exercises. Combining this with plyometric and non-plyometric bodyweight exercises promotes muscle adaption and growth, heightens your metabolic rate, and helps burn body fat. The use of weighted equipment also helps with bone density.


Power incorporates a focus on all of the major barbell lifts (as well as other bodyweight and weight-bearing functional movements and dynamic exercises) in a high intensity format.  An amazing workout! 
All abilities are catered for in these sessions - the lifts, technique progression, and weights are tailored for the individual and scaled accordingly.  We provide the full range of barbells for these sessions - from olympic standard to smaller or unweighted 8 kilo bars which are available for 'first time' or novice lifters.
We aim to provide everyone with the opportunity to train using functional lifting methods - a great addition to a well rounded training program!  Come and try one of our intense "AMRAPS" and lifting sessions.


Run specific sessions are provided by 3T Fitness. Like all of our sessions, they are suitable for all fitness and ability levels, however, for those wanting to improve their running technique and ability, or if you are working towards an upcoming running event - these are must attend sessions! The results will speak for themselves and you will be surprised by how quickly you can improve with the assistance of a professional running coach.
With first hand experience in professional athletics (3T's founder Sophie is a former Pro Triathlete), the knowledge and formal training programs and techniques are now passed onto our 3T clients to better their running form and fitness. Come along and try it out!



A specific strength & conditioning group session, focusing on muscle growth, in a low rep / high weight set and repetition format. Movements include both isolation and compound weight training exercises.

This is ideal for those looking to add structured strength training into their weekly schedule. All levels are catered for. Come try!



If you are looking for a great workout without the body impact - a swimming session is for you.  The workouts are generally self paced meaning it can be used for recovery type training, or, as an intense workout for those looking to push a little harder.  As always, we cater for all levels of swimming ability and fitness levels.
A weekend warrior preparing for an event?
A beginner just looking to learn the basics?
No matter what your level, Sophie can assist you with your swimming technique if you are looking for improvements.  Come along and be coached by the best! 

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